Legal notice

INFORCONTA, SA. (hereinafter Inforconta) is registered at the following address: calle Caspe, número 23, planta primera puerta segunda, 08010 Barcelona, Spain. Inforconta’s contact details are: telephone number +34 93 318 12 73, fax number +34 93 302 26 25 and email address is a public limited company (“sociedad anónima”) inscribed in the Barcelona Commercial Registry (“Registro Mercantil de Barcelona”) on page B-45620, sheet 219, volume 22948. Inforconta’s tax number (CIF) is A-08824955.

The company owns the following domain names, which are registered with the Barcelona Comercial Registry: and

Continuing to use this website and/ or the use of any of our services implies acceptance of this legal notice.

Data protection

Inforconta is the owner of and manages any and all personal data records received via their
website. Personal data submitted through Inforconta’s web pages will be incorporated into such
records. The user agrees to Inforconta handling their personal data in order to send them the
information they have requested, as well as to Inforconta subsequently incorporating this data
into their database in order to be able to send them information on legal and/ or tax matters in
the future which Inforconta believes will be of interest to the user. Additionally, Inforconta
guarantees the confidentiality of the data and that it will be handled in accordance with the
constitucional law 15/1999 of 13th December, on the protection of personal data (Ley Orgánica
15/1999 de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal) and with Royal Decree 1720/2007 (Real
Decreto 1720/2007), in which the regulations on data security measures were approved, as well
as in accordance with  the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC  and all other applicable legislation.

We hereby notify you that you are able to enforce your right to access, correct, cancel and/ or
oppose the information provided, by writing to the following address: Inforconta, SA, calle
Caspe, número 23 1º 2ª 08010-Barcelona, Spain.

Inforconta only requests personal user data which is required by Inforconta for general
identification purposes and for preparing quotes and/ or offering services which have been
previously requested by the user. Inforconta also provides the user with the opportunity to
consult this notice and/ or any relevant information prior to the provision of personal data.
Unless otherwise stated in specific data entry fields, answering the personal data questions is

Intellectual property rights and patents

The reproduction, distribution, adaptation, transmission, altering and/ or modification of any or
all content and/ or other elements of this website is forbidden unless express permission has
been granted by Inforconta. Any and all commercial and/ or marketing use(s) of Inforconta’s
web content is completely forbidden.

Content and responsibility for its usage

Anyone who uses this website does so at their own risk. Inforconta is not liable for any
inaccuracies in the data contained in this website or for damages of any kind which may derive
from accessing content, information and/ or images made accessible by the website.
Additionally, Inforconta is not liable for any damages which may derive from the website being
unavailable at any time. Whenever it chooses, Inforconta has the right to make corrections,
improvements and/ or modifications to the information contained in the website and/ or in the
services, without this resulting in any right to any claim(s) against or damages from Inforconta
or in Inforconta accepting any liability.
Inforconta is not liable for damages of any kind which may arise from user data being obtained
by unauthorised third parties and/ or from any use such third parties may make of the website
thanks to having obtained that user data. Identification and/ or access codes for Inforconta’s
website, which consist of a secret password or PIN and a user name, are the sole responsibility
of the users. Inforconta is not liable for any inappropriate use of user access codes required for
accessing password-protected web pages or for any and all consequences derived from users
using them inappropriately, losing or forgetting them or for their inappropriate use by nonauthorised third parties.

Use of cookies and of the activity or history file(s)

Inforconta may, themselves or through a third party contracted to provide website traffic
quantification services, use cookies when a user navegates the website. These cookies are files
sent to the browser via a web server in order to register user activity during navigation.
Cookies used by the website are only associated with anonymous users and their computers, and do not in themselves provide any personal user data.
The use of cookies allows the host web server to recognise the web browser used by the user in order to simplify navigation and, for example, to allow previously registered users to access the areas reserved exclusively for them without having to log on every time they visit them. The cookies are also used to measure visits and other website traffic statistics and to control both the progress and the number of accesses.
Users are able to configure their broswer to be warned when cookies are received and to block cookies from being installed on their equipment. Please consult your browser instructions and/or user manual(s) for further information.
It is not necessary for the user or a third party acting on their behalf to allow cookies sent to them by the website to be installed in order to be able to use the website, though the user will need to log in in order to access those services which require the user to have registered and/or to log in.
In any case, the cookies used by this website are temporal in nature and their only purpose is to make data transmission more effective. The cookies will never be used to collect personal data.

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